024According to the latest reports, it seems that Ethereum is slated to see a new rally in 2024. Check out more details about this latest prediction.

ETH is about to see a new rally

According to a well-known crypto strategist, Ethereum (ETH) is expected to experience a significant surge in value in the coming year.

The analyst, who goes by the name Rekt Capital, has a large following of 380,300 people on X, a social media platform.

He suggests that Ethereum is set for a boost of over 20% if it can finish December above the crucial resistance level of $2,274. The analyst has shared a chart that illustrates ETH’s potential for a surge towards $2,791 after retesting $2,274 as support.

“ETH is positioning itself really well for a bullish December monthly close.”

At time of writing, Ethereum is trading for $2,302.

The crypto strategist is closely monitoring MultiversX (EGLD), formerly known as Elrond. Rekt Capital predicts EGLD will surge to $85.46 after surpassing its resistance at $60.

“EGLD continues to perform well. First, reclaimed orange area as support. And then the red area as support. Following the black path now.

Dips into red = healthy but may not occur.”

At time of writing, EGLD is trading for $68.83.

The next cryptocurrency on the trader’s radar is NEAR, which is a competitor to Ethereum. As per Rekt Capital, NEAR may test the support level of $3.35 before breaking out of its immediate resistance at $4.36.

Although there have been rejections from the $4.36 level, NEAR is still within its blue range, and there is a possibility that it may retest the range low soon. If NEAR stabilizes at that level, it could potentially challenge $4.36+ again.

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