Ripple and XRP are extremely popular entities, and the increased media attention is mostly due to their achievements, partnerships, and plans.

As you already know, Ripple’s primary goal is to overcome SWIFT which has been the traditional payments system adopted by banks and financial institutions for decades.

But SWIFT is pretty old, and it has issues regarding the speed of transactions, costs and more.

These problems are what Ripple want to eliminate and offer users flawless transactions, fast, secure and cheap as well.

But Ripple and XRP don’t have only fans, and the haters mostly slam the project as highly centralized among others.

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse and Cory Johnson, who is no longer a part of the team, have always made sure to slam the centralization rumors explaining that Ripple is not centralized and XRP can go on existing even if Ripple, the company were to disappear.

Vitalik Buterin makes fun of Ripple

Now, Ethereum’s creator, Vitalik Buterin seems to be making fun of Ripple’s partnership announcements that they have been making on Twitter.

Daily Hodl reports that “Buterin responded to a tongue-in-cheek tweet from the founder of Bitcoin Advisory Pierre Rochard, who pointed out that one Bitcoin has always been worth one Bitcoin.”

Buterin wrote an interesting piece on Ripple in 2013

More than that, a very detailed article on Ripple which has been written by Buterin surfaced.

He wrote it for Bitcoin Magazine which was co-founded by him back in 2013.

As you will see in the article, he was praising Ripple: “Altogether, what Ripple has accomplished is impressive. With Ripple, we have a way of sending, receiving, and holding any currency – not just one specific cryptocurrency – in a decentralized way.”

Buterin also wrote, “Regardless, the fact that Bitcoin now has a strong and compelling alternative makes it clearer than ever that the idea of cryptocurrency as a whole is here to stay.”

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