Eureka Network Launches The World’s Highest-Liquidity Exchange – Account Registrations On EurekaX Receive 300 ERK

In the crypto space, liquidity is an essential issue, and this ability to convert digital assets quickly is addressed by some entities, in order to provide the ideal transaction.

High liquidity can eliminate the stress of waiting too much for an order to be fulfilled especially since the crypto market is so volatile and prices can drastically change in a few minutes.

EurekaX exchange is trying to tackle this stringent liquidity issue in the crypto space.

The decentralized project is built on Bitcoin’s UTXO model and has support for Ethereum Virtual Machine based smart contracts.

EurekaX aims to be the highest liquidity exchange

EurekaX is a centralized exchange which aims to be the highest liquidity exchange across the globe.

It links its order book with essential exchanges such as Binance and OKEx.

According to the official website: “By integrating multiple orderbooks, we are able to bring together many of the biggest and best exchanges into one hub, creating a far simpler yet effective trading experience.”

The exchange will also list all the tokens that have been built on the Eureka Network.

Benefits of signing up on EurekaX

According to the official press release, the trading process on the revamped exchange will begin on August 21.

More than that, all users who decided to register on the exchange will receive 300 ERK.

Just in case you don’t know, EurekaCoin (ERK) is the native coin of the Eureka Network’s PoS blockchain.

The exchange also plans to give 200 ERK to users who refer a friend.

All users who decide to sign up on the platform before August 21 will benefit from these advantages.

It’s important to note that there are 150 million ERK in circulation which means that the native coin is increasingly valuable.

We recommend that you head over to the official website in order to learn more about one of the most innovative exchanges in the crypto space.

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