Fake Trezor One Hardware Wallets Being Sold: Trezor Issues Warning

Trezor One is among one of the most popular hardware cryptocurrency wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. Earlier this week, SatoshiLabs, the manufacturers of the Trezor One hardware wallet discovered that non-genuine models of the Trezor One device were being sold in the markets. The company issued a warning on its blog alerting buyers that an unknown, third-party organization has been selling “one-to-one copies” of the Trezor One.


The company stated that they are aware that there are a number of Trezor clones in the markets, which sell devices which look and feel similar to Trezor, but come out under different brand names. However, this is for the very first time that the company has come across someone attempting to replicate the Trezor One device in the exact same manner as the original.


This could lead to unsuspecting buyers purchasing the duplicate device assuming it is Trezor – and if the device has any malicious intentions or lacks in security, those storing their cryptocurrencies on these fake Trezor One devices are at a risk of losing their currencies. The company compares this counterfeit Trezor One device to fake clothes which replicate popular brands. Trezor, in its blog post, says:

You would not entrust your money to somebody who has already cheated you by selling you a different product than you thought you were buying. We, therefore, recommend not to use this device and report it to us, which would help us fight these scams and provide you with a legitimate device.

Trezor has stated that they have begun to take a number of legal steps in order to ensure that these fake Trezor wallets are pulled out of the markets. The company has also requested the users to report in case they come across a fake Trezor device.

In addition to alerting the users about the presence of this counterfeit Trezor One wallet in the markets, the company has also provided a number of ‘red flags’ to the users which would help them identify that the device that they are buying is not the genuine Trezor One wallet, but a clone. Let us take a look at these ‘red flags’ that have been pointed out by the firm:

Red Flags for Identifying Fake Trezor One Devices

    • The Price: Trezor pointed out that similar to how the fake clothes are priced, these duplicate Trezor devices are often priced in at a steep discount when compared to the original.


  • The Hologram: The original Trezor One device comes out into the markets with a hologram on its seal which is quite unique and almost inimitable. The company has warned that some Trezor Clones are using holograms similar to the older packaging of Trezor.


Source of Purchase: Trezor has also pointed out that buyers looking forward to buy the Tezor One hardware wallet should buy it only from the genuine sources, such as the official Trezor store, or their official Amazon store, or from official marketplaces that the company has authorized. Trezor has alerted the users to be careful when purchasing the wallet from other sources such as Alibaba or eBay.





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