Famous Crypto Analyst Is Getting “Last Call Vibes” On Bitcoin (BTC)

There have been a lot of BTC-related predictions this year, and after the bulls returned in the crypto market, these predictions became more bullish.

At the moment, the most important coin in the market is trading in the red on CMC and BTC is priced at $9,713.05.

Last call vibes on BTC

The popular technical analyst who goes by the name The Crypto Dog just said that he’s been getting “last call vibes” on Bitcoin.

The Daily Hodl reported that the analyst told his 145k followers on Twitter that he believes that BTC looks like it’s ready to bounce and to return to $11k this month.

He also believes that BTC will be targeting $12k the next month.


Tone Vays becomes bearish on BTC

Bitcoin failed to hit a target of $11,050, and this made veteran trader Tone Vays say that he’s bearish on the rest of this year.

During a new interview with BlockTV, Vays stated he thinks the hype over Bitcoin’s halving in May next year may be the big BTC catalyst that everyone should be looking for.

“I know the hype of the next halving is coming. That is certainly good for 2020. But I think for 2019, even if we do go higher, even if we break this $14,000 high and go to $16,000, $17,000 or $18,000, I’m still expecting a bigger pullback toward the end of the year,” Vays said.

He continued and explained the following: “I just think we’ve gone up too high and not much has changed this year. There haven’t been any major economic fundamentals that should be driving Bitcoin higher. There were lots of issues in Europe back in the 2015-2016 time period, when Bitcoin got out of its last bear market.”

He said that this hadn’t happened now because overall, the global economy has been doing pretty good.

More experts have been saying that the BTC halving will not affect the price of the coin. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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