Cardano was recently in the spotlight when creator Charles Hoskinson said a few words about the coronavirus pandemic and also released some crypto predictions.

He believes that at one point, the pandemic will pass, and after that, innovative technologies will explode and revolutionize the world.

Hoskinson believes that emerging technologies will reshape everyday life and, overall, improve the human condition.

Shelley launch party is not the best idea at the moment

According to the latest info coming from the online publication Crypto Daily, the plan by the Cardano protocol to host the highly anticipated Shelley launch party might not be a viable event in Kyoto, Japan.

Just in case you don’t know the reason, well, it’s pretty obvious – the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s a lot of uncertainty going on in the world these days and the crypto industry has also been affected.

Folding@Home project

The Cardano Foundation is calling support from the Folding@Home project. This is an exciting initiative that was designed to focus on disease research.

This initiative is hoping to form a distributed supercomputer by connecting computers all over the globe together. This is an attempt to develop a drug that has the ability to kill the novel virus.

CryptoDaily revealed that there’s a new post by the Cardano Foundation which explains that it offered a program that can be installed on someone’s PC to power scientific research to find a vaccine.

The blog post states: “As soon as it is running and connected to external systems, it will start using part of your machine’s computational resources. Your computational resources will power efforts to discover the proteins that Covid-19 virus uses to protect its cells.”

The same post continues and reveals: “The aim of this effort is to create medicines and vaccines to cure and protect from Covid-19 by combining the resources to study this virus’s proteins.”

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