FortuneJack, The Ultimate Crypto Casino Announces A New Campaign And Adds Four Coins In Their Chart: TRX, XVG, EOS, And ETC

One of the most popular use cases of crypto and the blockchain is without a doubt gaming.

The gaming sector is currently riding the wave of innovation which is the blockchain technology. The new features disrupt the gaming sector, and the preferred games that are using blockchain are from the gambling niche.

The FortuneJack platform has been created by professionals who boast more than 20 years of experience in the world of gambling.

Core values of FortuneJack

FortuneJack has been developed and maintained by top software professionals who are working really hard to offer the most secure and innovative online gaming experience. This is basically the ultimate crypto casino that offers users a fun atmosphere with new and exciting games all over.

FortuneJack has been created with both newcomers and veteran gamblers in mind who can find great entertainment on the platform regardless of the online gaming experience.

The key values that the platform boasts include “providing customers with a highly diverse selection of games, delivering unmatched service, and presenting Provably Fair gambling for all experience levels and budgets,” according to the official website.

The team behind the platform includes pioneers of research and experience with a massive passion for online gambling, and all this led to the creation of one of the best crypto gambling online experiences that you’ll come across.

The platform promises that players always come first and it’s great to see such massive focus on the user.

Pushing the boundaries of gaming with Coin Primaries

The team behind the FortuneJack platform just revealed that they’re working hard to push things further.

One of their most crucial advantages is the vast palette of coins that their service offers for players.

They will be adding one new coin periodically to their service as a deposit and withdraw method, allowing coin owners to play with their digital assets.

The new idea is called Coin Primaries, and the campaign is scheduled for launch in about a month. It will involve communities and spokespeople of selected coins.

The team revealed that so far they have agreed to add four coins in the chart: Tron (TRX), Verge(XVG), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and EOS.

“We are planning to open voting for all FortuneJack users on a specific landing page, the coin that gets most of the votes will be added to our service, which will give another prominent material use for the winning currency and its owners,” one of FortuneJack’s reps tells us.

This is great for mainstream adoption of crypto because real-world use cases will definitely attract more investors and will bring the mass adoption closer.

The FortuneJack team is currently negotiating with community members and spokespeople of the selected coins regarding their involvement in promoting the new campaign.

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