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GEMERA, the Only Colombian Emerald-Backed Token Aims To Connect Emerald Producers And Investors – Pre-Sale Begins On September 10th 

GEMERA is a unique much-awaited token that’s backed 100% by Colombian emeralds. The pre-sale will begin on September 10, and early participants will receive a bonus of 20%.

The main goal of GEMERA

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The special thing about this token is that it’s the only one backed by Colombian emeralds.

Its target is also unique – creating a blockchain based platform that will be able to connect emerald producers and investors alike.

This will offer a highly transparent, democratic and accessible way for people to be able to invest in the gemstones.

Innovative investment opportunity that solves two essential issues

By creating tokens that are 100% backed by Colombian emeralds, GEMERA provides an original investment opportunity.

This also solves the issue in the emerald’s value chain, such as high costs for investors and little income for producers.

These two problems are due to the existence of intermediaries. What GEMERA does is eliminating third-parties in order to create various benefits for both investors and producers.

The project already managed to establish an alliance with the major Colombian emerald producers who offer their emeralds that are already certified, so we’re looking at safe products.

These gems are securely stored in Malca-Amit facilities in Hong Kong, and this stock will back a part of the crypto-tokens that will be issued during the pre-sale.

Columbia is the leading provider of highest quality emeralds

For over five centuries, Columbia has maintained its position as a leader in providing the highest quality emeralds, and it has become the most important reference for gemstone investors.

Currently, more than 70% of the world’s market supplies of emeralds come from Columbia, and they’re the most expensive per carat.

Emeralds are the most valuable of all precious gemstones, and this motivates the high prices that are usually involved in their acquisition.

Pre-sale and public sale essential details

The pre-sale will take place starting September 10, and it will last until October 24. The token will be available at a base rate of 1 USD, and as we already said, participants will receive a bonus of up to 20%.

The public sale is set to begin on October 25, and it will last until December 21. The starting bonus will be 10%. You can find out more details about GEMERA here, and we also recommend that you read the White Paper here.

GEMERA is the creation of a Columbian emerald group of entrepreneurs and producers who share the very same love and passion for the blockchain technology and the cryptosphere.

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