The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is headquartered in Washington D.C., and it consists of 189 countries that are working to foster global cometary cooperation and secure financial stability.

The IMF says that they want to facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty all over the world.

IMF to launch a global currency

According to the latest reports coming from Reddit, the IMF gets ready to launch a global currency. What better time to do this than in the middle of a global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic?

We’re all in the middle of a crisis, and an invisible war is undergoing today.

The whole world has the same invisible enemy, the Covid-19, that has been hurting healthcare systems and economies all over the world.

The coronavirus shutdown is hammering supply and demand all over the globe. Economy enters recession and this triggers a rolling financial crisis.

Bitcoin and freedom killer?

On Reddit, it’s raining all kinds of reactions to the news that the IMF is getting ready to launch its global currency. A lot of analysts believe that this would hurt Bitcoin.

A Redditor said: “It will fail if they do so. It wasn’t tested, has central planning, and wasn’t created as a response to a need and didn’t evolve for its role. They are sending bubble boy into the world.”

Someone else posted: “When bitcoiners were saying, 10 years ago, that one global currency would be great for the world economy and trade, we were all idiots and laughed at. Today this is starting to be openly discussed. (Obviously they still want to control our money…) Funny how that works.”

Another person believes that “If an official crypto “world currency” does get out there it will not be transparent (your spending will be though) and it will drop the value of every other crypto coin… drastically over time.”

Someone else posted: “Price of Bitcoin REALLY doesn’t matter. But his features and one of them is FREEDOM to trade. With SDRcoin you will NOT have anymore that freedom.”

Stay tuned for more info on the matter and make sure to buy the dip!

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