Gin Platform Launches The Cloud Node For Enhanced Accessibility To Masternode Deployment And Management


GIN Platform is the first masternode deployment system that focuses on being used by the mass market.

The primary mission is to make masternode investments accessible to the general public, no matter of the technical skill level.

GIN launches its latest product, the Cloud Note

The Cloud Note is designed to make masternode deployment more accessible and manageable. ISince October 26, the GIN Platform’s infrastructure core features two options: Dedicated Node and Cloud Node.

The price of the Cloud Node service is $4.5/month, or $0.15/day and its main feature is that masternodes launched under this option will be hosted together with other masternodes on the same server.

They will share the same IP. The Cloud Note was designed to support projects that have masternodes which generate less significant rewards than the hosting price.

It’s important to note that the service will not be available for DASH, ZEN, ANON, and PIVX.

The original Dedicated Node will be maintained as well

The platform will also preserve its initial option for the Dedicated Node which will be adjusted to the financial changes that are brought by the billing party.

The premium service is priced at $12.6/month or $0.42/day, and it will work on a dedicated server type of structure. GIN Platform fees are paid in GIN every day.

Users will be able to choose the product that they want to use via two buttons on the dashboard: Upgrade and Downgrade. Choosing one button will result in a setup process that will create a new servicer for your masternode.

About the GIN Platform’s community

GIN Platform has a very active community especially on Telegram and Discord, and they flaunt over 5,000 Twitter followers at this point.

The members are always connected to the developers, support and all the team’s reps via social media.

Closing words

With the latest product created by the GIN Platform, theCloud Note will make access to masternode deployment and management easier and more accessible for everyone.


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