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Go Hard on Ripple (XRP) Today or Go Home

‘Money never sleeps,’ is a saying that was popularized by Gordon Gekko in the Wallstreet series of movies. Well, I am not Gordon Gekko but I will predict that from this moment henceforth, ‘Ripple (XRP) will not sleep!’

We are pretty much done with saying Ripple is the next big thing. Ripple is the biggest thing in the crypto space right now!

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The buzz around the little coin has reached the Stratosphere of technology news and everyone is listening and talking. Therefore, let me outline three reasons why you should buy Ripple (XRP) today and not tomorrow or even after Christmas. Do not even wait for it to be listed on Coinbase. Go ahead and do your googling and ask for advice online through reddit and quora on how to get the coin through the other exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex and Coinone.

Firstly, and as I mentioned above, there has been a gain in momentum with respect to the buzz surrounding Ripple. When the parent company of Ripple decided to lock up 55 billion XRP on the 8th of December, many Ripple disciples were more than happy to declare that their loyalty would soon pay dividends in the form of a price surge.

The price surge did indeed happen and a few days later!

By December 15th, some exchanges such as had experiences an XRP price of as high as $1.57. As I write this, on the 19th, XRP is at $0.922 on the same exchange. With these figures we can see a 620% increase on the first price surge and a 320% increase on the day of this article, when you compare with the first price noted of $0.22.

Even if you bought and held on the 8th, you’d still not be disappointed with a 320% gain in your investment.

To add to the buzz surrounding Ripple, CNN named it as one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market in an online article on the 18th of December. Bitcoin has proven that when any cryptocurrency makes it to the mainstream media, it means people are talking and as a result, there will be a buying spree soon after. Therefore, please start buying XRP for it was mentioned on CNN, and soon, maybe on FOX, Yahoo and BBC.

Secondly, there has been reports of Japan Bank Consortium and other international banks trying out cross border payments using Ripple’s settlement technology, xCurrent. It is worth noting that Japan Bank Consortium is a coalition of 61 banks across Japan.

So what is xCurrent?

According to ripple’s website, xCurrent is their enterprise software solution that enables banks to instantly settle cross-border payments with end-to-end tracking. You do not need to be a banker to realize that such software will ease the delay of cross border transfers. A money transfer that used to last 6 – 7 days can now be settled in a few seconds.

Think of the wonders this technology will do for trade across the globe. Life will be made easier for the big time corporations and also for the small time businessman who wants to buy some Japanese electronics while in his living room in Kenya. Trade financing will become cheaper and possibly obsolete with time. As peer-to-peer payments evolve, the need for an escrow in the form of a bank will die out.

Such an example of real life applications of blockchain technology means that Ripple will chart its own course in the financial world. As a result, investors will have confidence in a proven product by Ripple which will positively affect the price of XRP in the markets.

Real applications of technology products are the reasons big investors such as Warren Buffet are known to be bullish about companies such as Amazon, IBM and Apple. In addition to the technology behind a company, Buffet likes to study the CEO behind it. He has been noted to have high hopes for Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos and his vision for the company.

In a similar manner, Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, is in a position to steer Ripples financial products to the point where even mainstream investors, such as Buffet, who are staying away from crypto, might be enticed towards buying their first XRP. One such investor bought $900 million XRP on December 16th. No one knows the identity of the buyer, but speculation is high. Some speculate it is a bank, some say it is a guy with idle money!

The third and final reason to buy XRP now and not in 2018 is a simple quote popularized by Richard Branson. The founder of the Virgin Group is known to say ‘Screw it, let’s do it’ whenever he has a good hunch about a business idea.

Therefore, forget your reservations about Ripple and cryptocurrencies in general and jump into the bandwagon with both feet. You will be glad you did so when your $200 investment, ends up buying you a Lamborghini in a few years if not months.

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  • Admin says:

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  • Rahul says:

    Just add to above article.

    Ripple currently is cheap as compare to total market cap top 10 currency.

    It’s on 4th number in total market cap value.

    Other currency are between $200 – 15000$ whereas ripple currently available at 1$/XRP.

    Being introduced to Bank as the most efficient payment system so far and many bank are in planning to adopt it in there payment system to reduce time and it’s cost effective too.

    And Ripple is in existing from before 2014. So trustable not like today some dead currency.

    Watch out for more profit in near future

  • Yam lal Acharja says:

    I am interested to join in Ripple. May I know in detail

  • Yam lal Acharja says:

    I wanted to know more about ripple. Would you mind to email me please.

  • aaron says:

    is there a link on where i can purchase?

  • Mitch says:

    Great article. Finally someone who gets it. I am a professional trader, and work for a large investment bank. I’ve seen a lot of posts on this subject and I see many of people trying to use economics and fundamentals as their guide. Making sense of it all. When you are in a hot speculative market like this, you can throw all economics and fundamentals out the window. They mean absolutely nothing until the speculators are done. I was around for the internet bubble where the market cap reached at least 3 trillion in less than a year, for companies that did absolutely nothing, on just the US stock exchanges alone, with very few relative participants. Since this is a global market, lightly regulated, and technology makes it easier for anyone to open an account and participate, we’re not even close to being done with this speculation. I guarantee it. There is very little relative participation in this market right now. The only way to read a speculative market like this is technically via charts. The price action and volume on the charts tells us exactly what the crowds are thinking and what is going to happen to the price. Investment banks, like the one I work for, bring in the technical traders first to make money and build positions. Then, later on, they bring in their economists to make sense of it all. With that being said, Ripple is as bullish as they come. It is displaying the price action of a parabolic price run in it’s first phase. That means there are 4-5 more phases to go. We’ve seen it dozens of times and yes it’s a real thing. In addition, it is displaying major strength when other charts like bitcoin are pulling back and taking a break. This relative strength tells us that Ripple is where money is moving and will go higher. Much higher. Just wait until the other large investment banks around the world start participating with real buying power and rush to get in on the action. As soon as Ripple moves above $1.3 XRP/USD on heavy volume it will move to $9 based on our proprietary charting. That will happen in the next 0-3 months. Then it will consolidate for a few weeks or months and will easily move above $100 within 6 months. Our charting doesn’t go out any farther than that, so watch for another post from me in a few months. I will say that once it hits that level, buyer beware, because it can come down much harder and faster than it goes up! After this first major price move, I would then start listening to the economists and analysts, looking at market cap, and other fundamentals. If they say that ripple can’t stay over $100, then they are probably right, and I would listen to them for the long term buy and hold decisions. But for the short term, like this, $100 is very likely and we are rarely wrong. Good luck! By the way, I don’t own ripple, I’m not allowed to own it due to my job.

  • Mitch says:

    The money is moving out of bitcoin and into ripple. That is why ripple has so much relative strength right now if you compare it’s chart with Bitcoin. I just used both bitcoin and ripple and ripple settled in just a few seconds. Bitcoin is still pending! It’s like a dinosaur compared to ripple. I wish I had known about all of this a few months ago. Oh well, I’m buying now because I can see it’s going higher. Alot higher short term.

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