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Good News For Developers As Comet Brings VeChainThor (VET) dApps To The Web

Comet VeChainThor

Comet, a native wallet for web browser that enables easy and direct communication with VeChainThor (VET) blockchain has surfaced.

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The wallet provides developers with a powerful platform that will ease the creation and distribution of dApps. It also offers a familiar environment for users to experience the unending benefits of blockchain applications.

Comet Solves The Problems of VeChainThor

VeChainThor, despite being a robust blockchain platform offering innovations that enhances the potentials of dApps, there has not been a seamless way for developers to create and distribute their application on the platform before now.

However, with Comet, there is tendency VeChainThor moves to be the chief blockchain platform for developers wanting to build sophisticated decentralized applications the future cannot resist.

Supports Web3.

For easy access, Comet supports Web3, the most widely used JavaScript framework for developing web-based blockchain applications.

The wallet will also support Connex, a Web3 alternative developed by VeChain to provide a more developer-friendly and powerful way for dApps to interact with the VeChainThor blockchain.

Comet Makes VeChainThor More Decentralized, Streamlined, and Integrated.

Comet makes VeChainThor blockchain more decentralized. With the native wallet, funds are safe and stored on users’ system. Interestingly, the wallet does not store user’s private keys in a centralized database, making people to be in full control of their assets. In the same line, it comes with a streamlined wallet interface that makes managing cryptocurrency assets easy.

Another good news is that Comet integrates directly with Totient’s products, and supports Google Chrome been a browser extension.

Traceability Solution: How VeChain Is Achieving It

VeChain is becoming prominent each day over its unmatched traceability solution. The platform has gained prominence in this field to the extent that governments are demanding its support to help them curtail some anomalies in corruption-ridden industries.

For example, VeChain has offered to help China solve the pharmaceutical scandals ravaging the country. Beyond that area, VeChain is partnering with some firms to help Cyprus become the hub of blockchain technology. Hopefully, something great will come out from this end.

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