It seems that Google has plans for diving even deeper into the blockchain. Check out the latest juicy reports about the latest partnership that the tech giant is flaunting.

Google new partnership

LayerZero, a blockchain interoperability protocol, has announced a significant alliance with Google Cloud. As a result, LayerZero has chosen Google Cloud as the default oracle for cross-chain messages.

The partnership is aimed at ensuring the seamless functioning of multiple blockchains as many believe that they will co-exist in the future.

The aim is to allow for secure communication between these chains, providing a better user and developer experience.

LayerZero Labs took to Twitter to announce the partnership, stating that “The Google Cloud oracle is a purpose-built verifier that is available today to all LayerZero applications and will be configured as the default as of September 19th.”

Following their partnership, some members of the community expressed concerns about the impact it could have on LayerZero’s decentralization.

One user on Twitter addressed Bryan Pellegrino, the CEO of LayerZero Labs, and asked if this move would compromise decentralization in the pursuit of long-term security.

Pellegrino reassured them, stating that the company’s goal has always been to provide maximum flexibility for developers and applications.

While some may choose to use this partnership as a key component in their security framework, others may combine it with other solutions such as Polyhedra Network, TSS, or any other oracle to create their own unique security stack.

Google’s Web3 strategy

According to BeInCrypto, not only LayerZero and Aptos, but also Google has been seeking collaborations with different Web3 companies.

In April 2023, Google entered into a multi-year partnership with Polygon Labs, enabling Polygon developers to utilize Google Cloud infrastructure.

To gain more insights, we recommend reading the full article posted by the aforementioned online publication. Stay tuned for more details about the crypto space’s latest innovations and advancements.

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