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GuardianLink launches the world’s first Play-to-Earn cricket NFTs to win the Metaverse cricket league

NFT A.K.A Non-fungible token is evolved as a phenomenon in the crypto world with unique features and exceptional use cases. The ability to transform any rare item into an exceptional crypto-asset made NFTs shimmer in the economy and the business world. The decentralized network’s security and anonymity allowed NFTs to gain their performance with unique standards that offers authenticity and rarity for those NFTs.

The Evolution:

Blockchain technology provided enormous business opportunities to various industries. Many  Businesses and individuals adopted the modern ecosystem to develop their infrastructure and business performance with the support of this futuristic technology. The gaming industry is not an exception to adopting this modern technology as it has the perfect sense and abilities to manipulate the gaming industry with its technological advancements. The gaming industry will always be the first to adopt modern technology to offer mesmerizing user experience and immersive gameplay. Recent technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality played a crucial role in the evolution of the gaming industry by offering realistic gaming experiences which allowed the players to experience a true gaming experience. The geometry and realistic physics allow the gamers to completely immerse in the environment and experience the technology.

The concept Play-to-Earn intervened in the market to add a more realistic approach to gaming with real rewards. This allowed the gamers to explode in joy and make gaming a full-time activity that rewarded them to make enough for their living. These advancements in technology propelled gaming to advance its ability to support its gamers multitudinously. While the ecosystem deals with real-time money for rewards, the in-game asset purchase is also made with real cash which is completely controlled by the gaming companies. At some point, the gamers felt the lack of transparency and uniqueness of their purchased in-game assets.

The Revolution:

The advent of blockchain technology with its hype created by Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency that elevated the technology to the globe, created a phenomenal impact in every industry with its anonymity, security, and decentralized ecosystem.  The humongous gaming sector adopts futuristic blockchain technology to offer transparency and security for the gaming community in a way of benefits the gamers to manage their transaction and in-game assets securely. Also, this nascent technology offered exceptional use cases to support the gaming industry that excites the payers to earn real-time crypto rewards which reaps astonishing rewards.

Blockchain’s innovations allowed the gaming industry to manage its ecosystem in a decentralized network ensuring security and uninterrupted gameplay without losing the player data, assets, and achievements in any technical breach and catastrophic failures. To adorn and empower the innovation, GuardianLink enters the world of gaming by adopting the most unique Play-to-Earn NFT gaming concept and introducing the game in metaverse called “ Meta Cricket League”.

The game is expected to offer a virtual environment equipped with modern technologies like AR & VR to offer a realistic cricket experience in the metaverse. Also, it is expected that the in-game assets such as accessories and players will be in the form of NFTs which are dropping this April 22nd on its exclusive NFT marketplace called Jump.Trade. GuardianLink says the marketplace is exclusively built for sports and gaming NFTs concentrating on elite brands of the industry.

The Combination:

The humongous gaming Industry adopting the most advanced technology will create a positive impact on society as well as the gamers community. The opportunity to play and earn real-time crypto rewards will excite the gamers to participate more actively and also make them understand and adopt modern technology. The blend of Blockchain and NFTs will create a revolutionary change in the gaming industry and may restructure the entire experience of gaming by offering the expensive crypto-assets as rewards. While these games are being the ancestor of this unique innovation called metaverse that unlocks the new dimensions of existence, Many businesses have already started to venture into innovation. The social media giant Facebook changed its name to meta and proposed a solution to connect the people together in the virtual world where they can live, earn, work and explore in the virtual environment. Also, many businesses have started to transform their product for the future such as AR & VR consoles and other consoles that supports exploring and evolving with the virtual environment.

By introducing the world’s first NFT cricket collectibles that serve the real purpose in the metaverse, GuardianLink cherishes cricket lovers to explore the advancements of modern technology and the benefits of NFTs. This initiative will support many sports to onboard to the world of blockchain and paves the opportunity for many businesses to venture into the technology. Introducing the exciting innovations through blockchain serves the community to evolve with unique use-cases for the growth of the technology and community.

The Inauguration:

GuardianLink’s  NFT marketplace Jump. trade is exclusively built to onboard sports-based NFTs and support elite brands to launch their sports-related product for their scope and visibility and to evolve as a valuable NFT asset in the metaverse.

The exclusive NFTs are wrapped in super loot which starts at just $25. The NFTs can be the legendary players, bats, etc. The collectors of 5 super loots will be rewarded with a treasure box. The World’s First Cricket NFTs are launching on April 22 at Jump. Trade. Load your wallet and get ready to hunt the treasure. Explore Jump. trade for exciting updates.

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