Hada DBank Announces New OTC Partnership With Secure Coin Broker (SBC); HADACOIN Tokens To Be Listed On Important Exchanges

Hada DBank is set to revolutionize the world of banking by fusing the blockchain technology with Islamic Banking Module.

The blockchain technology will ensure transparency and security and the Islamic Banking Module will bring highly ethical banking and investment.

Over the past months, the team behind Hada DBank has been working hard to develop their blockchain technology preparation for the launch of the banking platform.

Hada DBank announces new OTC partnership with Secure Coin Broker

Hada DBank updated its HADACoins and redistributed the new tokens to holders.

This update brought increased security and more functionalities, while at the same time a more streamlined code in order to be in line with the current ERC-20 standard.

Secure Coin Broker (SCB) joined Hada DBank as its OTC partner. SCB is an institutional trading company that aims to provide a two-way OTC transaction settlement for private and institutional clients.

SCB is specialized in large and small block trades with secure custodial services.

Michael Buchbinder of Secure Coin Broker, said: “Secure Coin Broker is looking forward to working with Hada DBank and its clients offering them quick and easy ways to acquire or liquidate their digital asset holdings.”

Hada DBank applies for a Euro Banking License from an EU Country Member

They are currently in the final stage of obtaining the license, and this will probably happen in about six months.

The headquarters will be based in Switzerland, and the registration of the stronghold will take place during the application of the EU Banking Licenses.

Hada DBank is also planning an academic partnership, and they are looking to team up with an institutional university in order to introduce a certified programme and establish a Lab at the university.

The Hada DBank plan for 24 months has been drafted, and it also includes creating a future tech hub in the ASEAN region in order to expand the brand.


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