How the CryptoVerse Platform will Improve the Blockchain Industry

The current landscape of the blockchain industry is not functioning at an optimal level due to the abundance of several factors, primarily including fraudulent activity, manipulation, and a lack of platform versatility. The forthcoming CryptoVerse platform, powered by the Elysian team, is the perfect solution for these issues, and will have a key role in transforming the industry into a healthier state that can eventually grow to new heights.

Overwhelming evidence points to a mediocre level of transparency in this industry, anywhere from false advertising to token price manipulation to fictitious partnerships. All of these issues are legitimate problems that are clearly holding the blockchain industry back from the direction that it needs to be heading. Without these problems, the industry is incredibly promising, and corporations know this. Very few people are skeptical of the actual technology involved in the movement; it is more so the underlying factors mentioned above. Up to this point, there have been no alternatives or solutions provided for these issues, which is slightly concerning, but this is where CryptoVerse will thrive.

Imagine an industry where investors will know every little detail about the projects that they put their money into, and the advisors that work on those projects. Currently, the public is left somewhat in the dark and there are things that happen behind closed doors that influence how the company operates. CryptoVerse exercises the voice of both the community and existing projects to provide transparent information about projects, advisors, exchanges, and more, through a strict due diligence process and an extremely accurate rating system where any illegitimate ratings, reviews, or comments will instantly be removed due to the lack of honesty and transparency. The result will be an industry that is flooded with only the strongest and most transparent projects, which will leave investors feeling comfortable about their investments and also the direction that the industry is heading in.

The CryptoVerse platform will be home to over 1,000 blockchain projects, both old and new, to build one massive community and ecosystem that connects these projects and allows them to communicate with one another and coordinate partnerships, business deals, services, and more, all while the community and the CryptoVerse team is able to monitor the level of transparency of the ecosystem as it functions on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to the growth of a healthy ecosystem, the platform will also have various useful functions that will provide a creative and unique user experience, such as:

  • Blockchain projects can list their own projects on the platform
  • The ability to participate in ICOs
  • Holding ELY tokens for ICO participation, achieving the highest rank, and more
  • Using services to improve your blockchain project in various departments

These are just some of the functions that are currently being worked on and will be added along the way. All of this is intertwined with our ultimate goal of improving the industry as a whole through an increased level of transparency and a large, powerful community. These two factors are arguably the biggest keys to the advancement of the blockchain industry in the near future.

Over the next few weeks the public will be introduced to some of the upgraded functions of the platform, and we will begin the initial onboarding process for blockchain projects that wish to get listed on the platform. The platform, powered by the Elysian team, is poised to make an immediate impact on the industry and we expect steady growth. We urge community members to become involved with CryptoVerse and to sign up and make an account and become familiar with the platform before everything truly goes mainstream in the near future. We will also provide instructions for functions such as project listing, rating and reviewing, and more as we get even closer to the full launch.

For an initial viewing of the website, you are welcome to visit the following link:

Join the revolution. The revolution of transparency.

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