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  • Global citizens have abiding by the generally accepted fact that social distancing helps in stopping the spread of COVID19. 
  • With little to do, many have turned to the internet for entertainment through streaming services. 
  • Earning Nano (NANO) might be one way of utilizing that free time.

In the past few weeks, Social Distancing has proven as being one of the most effective methods of curbing the spread of COVID19. However, the method has left many individuals locked up indoors with only their home entertainment systems to kill the time that was usually spent interacting with friends and family. The additional free time can be utilized through Earn NANO: a new portal where crypto enthusiasts like you and I can earn NANO in a variety of ways.

What is

Launched in the month of March by the team at Nano, provides avenues for users and fans of the project, to put some Nano in their wallets through a variety of ‘free’ faucets. The team went on to describe the purpose of launching the website to bring together all the different ways one can earn NANO online.

Earn Nano is a new website that brings all of these opportunities together in one place, signposting users to a collection of services, interactive games, and platforms all offering Nano payouts.

If you like to earn a little Nano in your spare time, then check out Earn Nano — there are probably more ways to do so than you think!

Different Ways to Earn Nano

Further visiting the site, we find a variety of interesting ways to earn the cryptocurrency of NANO. Below are some of the ways to do so:

  • Play Counter-Strike on the CS:GO server: The legendary video game is still a fan favorite despite being a few years old.
  • Playing Quake on You can play the legendary video game and earn some NANO.
  • Earn Nano by answering questions.
  • QuiCrypto: an android app that rewards users for playing games and doing tasks.
  • TryNANO: a telegram bot that rewards users for watching videos.
  • TipNANO: an android app that pays out in Nano
  • Get Nano and Ways of getting free Nano through online faucets.


As we continue to observe the recommendation of social distancing to curb the spread of COVID10, it might be worth our time to explore the different ways of earning Nano through

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