HTC Allows Crypto Users To Store and Send BTC, ETH, And LTC – Eliminates The Need For A Third-Party Exchange To Swap Tokens

HTC, the Taiwanese electronics giant is actively supporting crypto adoption, and it has just revealed its latest blockchain functionality that they have implemented in the Exodus 1 smartphone.

The new phone brings exciting crypto features

The new phone allows users who also happen to be crypto enthusiasts to swap more than 60 major ERC20 tokens directly on the phone.

The Exodus 1 is a groundbreaking web 3.0 blockchain phone which allows users to perform crypto transactions, view and manage crypto and collectibles and at the same time keep the ownership of their private keys.

Users are also able to store, send, and request BTC, ETH, and LTC, selected ERC20 tokens and ERC-721 collectibles, as noted by the Daily Hodl online publication.

They also have the ability to access Dapps on the smartphone via Opera.

Eliminating the need for a third-party exchange

From now on, users won’t be needing a third-party exchange to swap tokens.

During the Magical Crypto conference in New York on Saturday, HTC announced the upcoming release of the HTC Exodus 1 is a less expensive version of its flagship blockchain smartphone.

HTC’s decentralized chief officer Phil Chen said the following, as reported by the Daily Hodl:

“The Bitcoin blockchain is about 200 [gigabytes], and it’s growing about 60 gigs per year. And those numbers are reasonable to hold on a smartphone. Imagine the iPod with 256 gigs … of course, the music fan wants to keep the whole music library, but the crypto fan wants to keep the whole Bitcoin blockchain.”

He continued and said “Full nodes are the most important ingredient in the resilience of the Bitcoin network and we have lowered the barrier to entry for any person to run a node … participating in a global Bitcoin network that propagates transactions and blocks everywhere.”

Crypto mass adoption is getting closer

This step that HTC took will definitely support mass adoption as it will raise the interest in crypto and blockchain from more and more people and it will allow easier access to the digital assets.

These days there have been a lot of movements made in the crypto space that are taking us a few steps closer to the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

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