The optimistic Bitcoin-related predictions continue these days.

Billionaire Tim Draper comes with the latest one, which is pretty bold, we have to admit.

Tim Draper says that BTC will surge by 30 times by 2023

He just joined a Q&A session at Malta’s AI & Blockchain Summit, and he identified all types of BTC spending via the Lightning Network and similar protocols as the trigger that will be pushing BTC higher and higher by 2023 – about 30 times higher.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the most important coin in the crypto market is priced at $8,548.55.

It’s also interesting to learn that Draper purchased 30,000 BTC back when BTC was $632 per coin in 2014.

“It’s because of Lightning Network and OpenNode and maybe others that are allowing us to spend Bitcoin very freely and quickly so that it’s not just a store of value, but it can be used for micropayments,” Draper said.

He continued and stated that “It can be used for retail. It can be used all over. And then, boy, I believe long term it’s going to be 20% of the currency of the world and that could mean that it’s in the millions – the price of Bitcoin.”

Draper also made sure to highlight the fact that “Bitcoin payment processors are really going to open the floodgates… and I continue to believe Bitcoin is going to hit $250,000 by 2022 or 2023.”

Mark Yusko also comes with a bold prediction

Mark Yusko just said that he’s positive that Bitcoin and crypto will create the very first trillionaire in the world.

He said that technology would create a brand new class of wealth in the world.

“The great news about that is it’s going to create the greatest wealth in the history of mankind,” Yusko said.

His message to investors is that BTC is definitely a digital form of gold.

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