ICO Alert! Goodbye Facebook, Hello Sola – Meet the New Litecoin (LTC) of Social Media

Hello Sola

Well what do we have here? Why it’s another Initial Coin Offering (ICO), That’s what! In a huge list of upcoming offerings, I found this gem peeking out at me, whispering, “pick me” as I searched through various white-pages looking for a coin worth my time. An obvious choice from the start, Sola is that coin!

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Sola wants to put social-media on the Blockchain! And if you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to trade your fiat for the right crypto-currency before it makes it to your favorite exchange, you’re in luck. Sola is ready for you!

Why the Blockchain?
With increasing privacy concerns stemming from the prying eyes of our very centralized social-media sites, the blockchain offers key advantages to consumers looking to shield their personal details from the overlords of Twitter and Facebook. In fact, the de-centralization of our web-based activities may just allow users a type of social-freedom never experienced by the overly-controlled millennial generation and their children, now growing up amidst the tech-revolution.

But there is another, more compelling reason to dump Facebook (or whatever social media platform you currently frequent) for the next rising star of social-media. Quite simply, It’s more fun. Users of the platform can send their content (you know, rants, diatribes and awkward memes) through the blockchain, not just to friends or subscribers, but directly to the people across the globe that are interested in the subject matter of what you just posted. In the words of those that created the platform, “…[Sola] spreads information like a viral disease to the most interested users.” And to really get people active on the platform, it rewards creators of relevant content with a token (known as a SOL) designed for this purpose. Genius!

And yes, the platform already exists and has a user-base of over 600,000 users (much larger than Steemit (430,000) and Akasha (<10,000) combined)! This is an increasingly rare phenomenon in the ICO world, and one we should all realize the potential value of.

Sola’s ICO ends tomorrow!

Token Sale
Sola’s ICO began on November 27th. And while we all should have jumped on this no-brainer from the start, there is good news for those of us with a tendency to procrastinate… There is still one more day! The sale officially ends on the 22nd of December, just 24 hours from the time of this post.

With 50,000,000 SOL available from a total supply of 150,000,000, you can get in on this limited product for the dime in your pocket! Indeed, 1 SOL = $.10. However, if you feel like opening up deeper pockets to jump on this beauty of an idea, a hard cap of $5,000,000.00 is set for this time period.

And don’t forget the discount! A 15% discount is available until the team raises $750,000.00. Another 10% is offered until $1,500,000.00. And finally, a 10% discount on your SOL will be given until the ICO raises $3,000,000.00.

The brilliant team behind the Sola brand plan to use 70% of the proceeds of the ICO into development of the product. Another 20% will go to marketing, and the remainder retained for legal services and advisors.

Soon your most popular media sites and their affinity for privacy-invasion will be gone from the new world of decentralized web activity. And as our creative content is freed from the confines of our contacts list (however long, or in my case short that may be) and set loose into the world of interested users, the best and brightest memes will be sent across the globe and onto your computer not just via the web, but via the blockchain. So goodbye Facebook (and Twitter). Good riddance. Hello Sola. It’s been a pleasure meeting you!

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