The mainstream adoption of digital assets has been an important goal in the crypto space.

There have been made a lot of movements in this direction last year, and this year as well, despite the global crisis triggered by the pandemic.

ICON has been making headlines a lot due to various achievements and the great popularity in the coin that’s on the rise.

Recently, it’s been revealed that ICONLOOP, ICON’s technical partner has been chosen to receive funding from the $100 Million USD Fintech Innovation Fund.

ICONLOOP is a tech firm that’s based in Seoul, and the company is specialized in the design and implementation of the blockchain technology.

ICX has become the darling in the crypto space these days.

A lot of enthusiasts are expecting to see the coin being more and more successful and gaining a lot in value.

ICX accepted in Greece

Now, it’s been revealed that there’s a new shop in Greece which starts accepting ICX.

The team got back positive feedback.

Someone asked “Hey guys, are these shops accepting $ICX because you encourage them/explain them the benefit to use it?”

The response came right away: “The first belongs to a member of  @HermesIcon, this one to a supporter of us. We are willing to have more to come. #ICXadoption is our goal.”

Otheer than this, in terms of pricing, ICX is trading in the red today and the coin is priced at $0.337352.

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