ICON continues to make waves in the crypto space, especially with all kinds of achievements and their bold plans to hyperconnect the world.

The team released the 26th newsletter not too long ago and it came with exciting news.

ICON releases the 26th newsletter

ICON made the big announcement on their Twitter account, triggering reactions of excitement from followers.

The team announced all kinds of achievements in the blog post and also highlighted the fact that some pretty exciting improvements are on the way.

The team behind ICON United that June was a busy month for development and they ate getting ready to release a major upgrade in July.

“Soon ICONists will be able to have multiple unstaking periods and delegate up to 100 P-Reps. Additionally, we will implement staking from SCORE (our smart contracts) which will open up many opportunities for innovative DeFi applications,” according to the official notes.

They continued and highlighted the following:

“Below is the projected timeline for the release:
07/14: Release the update to Pagoda, Yeouido
07/20: Release update to exchanges
07/27: Release update to Mainnet”

In order to learn more details about each important upcoming event, we suggest that you head over to the original blog post.

ICONLOOP makes a big announcement

ICONLOOP just made an important announcement, and you can check it out here:

We recommend that you check out the complete thread on Twitter to learn all the details.

Other than this, ICON’s popularity seems to be on the rise, and fans also expect to see more upwards movements for the price of ICX as well.

At the moment of writing this article, ICX is trading in the green, and the coin is up by more than 11% in the past 24 hours.

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