ICON continues to steal the spotlight in the crypto space with the team’s bold plans of hyper connecting the future, and the various achievement that they keep marking almost on a daily basis.

Just the other day, it’s been highlighted that ICON has not been sleeping during the bear market, and made sure to remind fans some of the latest achievement that the project has been marking lately.

Here’s the tweet that highlights a few of the team’s latest achievements:

New ICON initiative

Now, the ICON Community Developers see a great initiative that’s been also revealed on social media:

ICON fans showed their enthusiasm once again and someone posted the following message on YouTube: “It is a very good idea from iBriz-ICONosphere team to create opendevicon.io , where developers can check and use some examples or modules for their projects.”

ICON is one of the largest blockchains in the whole world and the popularity of this project has been on the rise even this year when we’re in the middle of a global crisis.

ICONPLUS reveals new collabs

In other news, ICONPLUS just announced new collaborations and the ICON enthusiasts are more than excited.

The team received great feedback once again and ICON fans made sure to congratulate the new members on board.

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