ICON has been in the spotlight a lot during the past days with various achievements marked by this exciting project that aims to hyperconnect the world.

ICON released newsletter #24

Just the other day, it’s been revealed that the team behind the project released the newsletter #24.

We found out that the past week was another great week for the project that the team saw the global commission rate drop substantially.

More than that, according to the newsletter, the amount of circulating supply staked increased, the wallets with balances ticked higher, and there are more important announcements.

Another important achievement that’s worth mentioning is that ICON made this announcement on Twitter:

As you can see, the project has been ranked top 25 based on fundamentals. You can find out more about the issue by checking out further details.

ICON hits 100M transitions

Anyway, here’s a great achievement that the ICON project marked:

As expected this piece of news got positive feedback.

A follower said: “The next 100 will come in half of time! god speed,” and someone else posted this: “I remember waiting for it to reach 1,000,000. Time flies!”

Other than this, ICON made another important announcement that brought the project into the spotlight a few days ago – the upcoming event called Hyperhack.

“ICON Hyperhack is a two-month online ICON hackathon hosted by ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep that will begin registrations and submissions on June 19th on Devpost,” the official notes say.

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