ICON (ICX) has been one of the higher performing cryptos these days. It has a market cap of about $1 billion, but if it gets any bigger, it will inevitably become a market dominator as it’s already placed as one of the top contenders in today’s crypto space.

Brief info on ICON (ICX)

ICON’s primary purpose is to connect blockchains altogether. In other words, it aims to connect the world. The project is based in South Korea, and it managed to raise the interest of both investors and news outlets as well.

The platform is highly advanced, and it’s quite hard to believe that they are not already positioned in the top 10 contenders in today’s market.

Its price below $3 is also an undervalue of the coin. ICON plans to develop the largest decentralization network of communities that include hospitals, universities, financial institutions, insurance companies and more. Its network allows independent blockchains to deal with one another without the need of third-parties getting involved in the transactions. In other words, anyone can create a new blockchain and join ICON’s network. It creates an ecosystem by allowing a new blockchain project’s freedom to connect with all the other existing ones. This way, new worlds can be created continually.

ICON already flaunts massively important partnerships

ICON is already working with South Korean institutions, and it teamed with various securities, banks, hospitals, universities and more. The most significant names that have teamed up with ICON include Samsung, Hyundai, and Wanchai. Also, LINE corporation which is a Japanese based app development company known for its LINE social media platform with more than 200 million daily active users is implementing the ICX blockchain technology.

ICON implements CHAIN ID

ICON wants to connect public and private institutions like no one ever before, and many analysts already say that it can someday dominate the market.

ICON Foundation is implementing an ID system that runs on the blockchain for universities, hospitals, and government operations. CHAIN ID is a blockchain identification service allowing customers to use the same certificate across all the 25 banks and securities that are included in the Korea Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium.

The service can be used to verify IDs in other communities via smart contracts, and this is set to replace outdated digital certificates issued by governments.

Closing words

The crypto space is living exciting times, and analysts believe that 2018 could be a really profitable year for all coin investors. ICON (ICX) is enjoying increased adoption, and it’s not too far-fetched to say that it’s a robust asset with high chances of surging soon.

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