A few days ago, ICON was announcing the release of the 24th newsletter. The notes published by the ICON team revealed all kinds of recent achievements marked by the project.

ICON has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, and the digital asset ICX has also been gaining more trust with more investors choosing it.

ICX hodlers hope to see the coin making more gains and even suppressing the ones of BTC.

In the latest newsletter, the MyID issue was also debated.

MyID update

There have been a lot of people in the ICON community who have asked about the timing of ICONLOOP’s MyID launch.

“We touched base with Henry Lee, Head of Strategy at ICONLOOP, this week who provided an update,” the notes say.

The newsletter continues and reveals that “The MyID app is in beta and the next important milestone will be integrated with our banking partners over the next couple months.”

It was also reminded to readers that the banking partners in the MyID Alliance are acting as the issuers of the MyID verifiable claims.

“So integration into these banks is critical to the success of the MyID identity product. In simple terms, Banks are the issuers of the KYC’d digital identities through ICONLOOP’s MyID product,” according to the newsletter.

We recommend that you check out the complete notes published by the ICON team in order to learn all the exciting details about this update and more.

In other news, ICON just made an exciting announcement on their Twitter account about a future event.

ICON Hyperhack is a two-month online ICON hackathon hosted by ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep.

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