ICON has been in the spotlight quite a lot recently due to all kinds of successes and developments that the team has been making.

Recently, we reported that the ICON community is excited to learn that the team just released the June Roadmap update.

The ICON  team made the announcement on their social media account, and you can also check it out below.

ICON reveals a quiz for ICX enthusiasts

The ICON team also shared a surprise on their social media account and revealed a quiz for fans. Check out the post below.

ICON fans were really excited to learn about the quiz and they made sure to praise the team in the comments.

Other than this, the team also offered a glimpse at some other achievements that have been marked during this bear market.

Also, ICX holders are expecting to see a surge in the price of their favorite coin.

At the moment of writing this article, ICX is trading in the green despite the fact that the other coins are all red today.

Currently, ICX is trading at $0.333399 and the coin is up by more than 8% in the past 24 hours.

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