ICON reveals exciting news for the community. They have been making a lot of headlines lately due to all kinds of achievements and now, ICONLOOP also marks a new deal.

Here’s ICON’s announcement on social media:

ICONLOOP partnership revealed

It’s been revealed that the South Korean steelmaker POSCO opened a new incubator space at TIPS TOWN in Seoul.

The Icon.ist notes “Founded by the Ministry of Startups and SMEs in 2015, the TIPS program nurtures innovative technology by bringing together promising startups with successful venture founders as incubators.”

The same online publication writes that “The ministry and Seoul’s Gangnam District Office operate five spaces at the program’s home in Seoul’s Yeoksam-ro neighborhood. POSCO is the first private entity to open a space of its own.”

It’s also important to note that the ministry’s support plans could provide opportunities for ICON and ICONLOOP.

This is especially considering their history of collaboration with government entities and ICONLOOP’s expertise in DID, blockchain-based voting and all kinds of sectors of public sector interest.

Check out the complete article in order to learn all the available details.

ICON in the news

ICON has been making headlines during these past few days, and just the other day the team had another exciting announcement to make:

The ICON team shared a surprise on their social media account and revealed a quiz for fans. Check out the post below.

ICON fans were really excited to learn about the quiz, and they made sure to praise the team in the comments.

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