ICON has been recently making headlines a lot due to various achievements.

The team behind the project just released the May roadmap update in which they are presenting all the new developments that took place last month.

Here’s the announcement that they shared on Twitter:

The feedback that ICON received is positive and enthusiasts repeat that ICON will be a massive player in the blockchain space.

What’s new?

On Medium, the ICON team detailed all the new achievements and developments that they marked during the past month.

There are new features implemented that are enhancing governance experience.

According to the Medium post, “Based on this feedback, we will be adding P-Rep private key dualizing, staking and delegating functions in SCORE, multiple unstaking periods, and a function to increase the number of delegations from 10 to 100.”

The team also addressed ICONex, ICON Tracker – this will display the Suggested Commission Rate by each P-Rep and a Global Commission Rate from all P-Reps.

Last but definitely not least, they address the release of BTP which is a standard interface for interoperability contracts.


Check out the demo video above for more info.

Also, make sure to check out the complete Medium post.

In terms of pricing, ICX is trading in the green and at the moment of writing this article, the coin is priced at $0.342783.

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