About a month ago, ICX enthusiasts celebrated that the coin became another important addition to Changelly’s expansive crypto catalog.

This listing means that ICX can be changed to more than 150 coins and tokens that are available on Changelly and it can be also traded for USD, Euro, and GBP.

The ICX token is a significant part of the decentralized network ICON and it’s become available in Changelly’s catalog.

According to the latest notes coming from CryptoDaily, the exchange allows users to buy ICX with fiat money and also to swap it to other digital assets using the fixed rate feature of the crypto exchange.

This allows users to alleviate the risk of the volatile market price fluctuations when they are buying crypto, and this is essential, especially in the troubled times in which we live.

The world is in a massive crisis amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This has shaken global economies and healthcare systems all over the world and it will be pretty hard to recover.

Anyway, it’s important to note that the crypto space has been gaining increased interest during such times in 2020.

ICON in the crypto market

Anyway, at the moment of writing this article, ICON is one of the few coins that are currently trading in the green on CMC and ICX is priced at $0.334838 – it’s up by 0.74% in the past 24 hours.

As we noted the day before, ICX is slowly but surely becoming one of the favorite tokens out there and it manages to outperform the crypto market.

In other news, ICON recently released the 20th issues of the newsletter, which updates enthusiasts with news and innovative aspects about the ICON Network.

It’s worth noting that there are some important updates that include the first selections for the P-Rep delegation, the contribution proposal letter release, and the security token infrastructure.

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