ICON has been making headlines a lot during these past days, due to the various announcements and achievements that the team behind the project keeps making.

They recently released the May roadmap update in which they are presenting all the new developments that took place last month.

Here’s the announcement that they shared on Twitter:

ICON team offers a sneak peek at Project Nebula

Now the ICON team has another exciting announcement to make on Twitter. Check it out below.

The team received massive optimistic feedback on the project so far with people showing their enthusiasm in the comments.

Someone posted: “Please let me know when this is officially released. This looks absolutely beautiful, beauty is an understatement.”

ICON will participate in REIMAGINE 2020

In other news, it’s also worth noting that ICON proudly announced the participation in REIMAGINE 2020, which is an original 72-hour live Global Blockchain Conference.

As we’ve noted before, this is a virtual conference and networking event that aims to become an inspiration for the blockchain community to create and also implement the best solutions that are required in order to build a decentralized future.

Other than this, ICON’s coin ICX has been gaining in popularity, and fans expect it to overcome BTC in terms of gains.

At the moment of writing this article, ICX is trading in the red and the coin is priced at $0.335639.

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