The ICON community of enthusiasts gets another update – it’s been just revealed that the ICON Vote Monitor got a better UI and more.

Check out their Twitter announcement.

As always, ICON team got great feedback from the fans. For instance, someone said: “One of my favorite sites, used this website to extract data for the voter behavior article. Highly recommended!”

Staking ICX

When someone said: “New to staking ICX, can you explain what the last column, changes % mean? Thank you in advance!” Everstake COO responded with the following words:

ICON’s latest achievements and projects

Other than this, ICON has been making headlines a lot lately. Earlier today, we revealed that the other day, ICON had an online event called Build Your First Blockchain App with ICON, and it turned out really great.

Another issue worth noting is that not too long ago, ICON proudly announced the participation in REIMAGINE 2020 conference.

In other news, ICON also revealed a sneak peek into Project Nebula:

— ICON Forge (@ICONForge) June 2, 2020

Stay tuned for more ICON-related news.

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