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ICONLOOP Achieved A Cumulative Investment Of KRW 16 Billion

ICONLOOP reveals fresh news for enthusiasts on their Twitter account.

The company has been keeping fans updated with all kinds of achievements, and the feedback that they receive is always a positive one.

They made headlines not too long ago, when it’s been revealed that ICONLOOP stepped up in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The blockchain company recently revealed that it plans to support for free the VisitMe visitor management solution until the end of the pandemic.

VisitMe is eliminating the need to manually enter visitor logs. This digital solution is recording visitor data using a QR code without needing a separate application.

ICONLOOP delivers great news

Here’s what the team shared with fans on social media:

Someone posted the following comment:

Mincircle continued and said: “Danal is the world’s first global major mobile payment company to commercialize mobile payment service. Through this investment, Danal plans to utilize MyID in the integrated payment system.”

One other follower had an issue and exposed it on Twitter, saying: “The problem with ICX is that they are not interested in Network Transactions (PROFIT). They leave that responsibility to the P-REPS. They are only interested in building infrastructure for the Korean government.”

Anyway, speaking of ICON, we earlier reported that ICX was LunarCrush’s coin of the day.

Stay tuned for more ICON-related news.

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