ICON continues to make headlines due to the massive popularity of the project that has been gaining interest from a lot of crypto enthusiasts these days.

Now, the team behind the project reveals that the 23rd newsletter is out.

Here’s ICON’s tweet:

Main issues addressed in the newsletter

The newsletter addresses more important subjects.

First of all, they note that 54% of the circulating supply is staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019.

They also mention that “35% of the total supply staked. ~14% annual staking reward.”

Also, the same newsletter reveals that there is another +4% weekly growth in wallets. The balance wallets have increased three times since September 2019.

The official notes reveal that the main P-Reps have lowered the global commission rate to 19.1% down from ~29% last week.

K-Growth Investment Corp. invests in ICONLOOP

It’s been already revealed that during the past week, K-Growth Investment Corp. announced that they are investing in ICONLOOP.

The newsletter also makes sure to explain how this affects ICON and what’s the exact relationship between ICON and ICONLOOP.

They note that the ICON Foundation is paying ICONLOOP and more companies P-Reps included to build the core blockchain technology, tools and infrastructure.

ICONLOOP also builds blockchain-based apps on its own including MyID, #broof, and VisitMe with venture capital funding.

ICON team made sure to answer people who asked how this investment will benefit ICON.

“ICONLOOP can continue to build MyID, #broof, and VisitMe that will run on the ICON network creating more users and transactions,” the newsletter says.

Also, “In addition, ICONLOOP hopes for these services to be profitable so that it can build more services that utilize ICON’s public blockchain.”

We recommend that you check out the complete newsletter in order to learn all the details.

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