Bitcoin Press Release: release details of their Social Media platform, which aims to provide the next leap in innovation with gamification & profit share.

28th September 2020 – In 2020’s lightning-paced media landscape, and in response to current untapped technological opportunities, it’s imperative to innovate. The giants of today, and indeed yesterday, have all brought something unique to the table – from Facebook’s often-touted “7 circle of separation”, to Instagram’s feed, and now TikTok’s viral video-based success, unicorn status comes from breaking the mold and providing something nobody else has thought of.

Gamification: The Golden Goose in a Market Begging for Something New

Omni understands the importance of gamification & social reward in deepening and strengthening communities regardless of their location, age, or gender. Not only that, but to forge new connections between them, and to create new links between content creators and content consumers, which have not yet been available on any social media platform.

To this end, interacting with fellow omni users gives users a chance to earn Omni. Inviting new users gives a chance to earn Omni Coins. In fact, everyday functions users pay little attention to on other social media platforms can all earn users Omni Coins – From following, sharing a status or video, chatting with friends, to livestreaming – almost every aspect of the platform has a real chance to win users Omni Coin. And that’s what is going to make Omni such a powerful force.

“The first system that truly gamifies the delivery of crypto will rocket to exponential growth, upending the current system for good. That will set the initial playing field dynamically and allow players who never would have gotten into the game to compete. The more people who can participate, the more efficient and valuable the network becomes”

Daniel Jeffries, Hackernoon (Source)

The Power of Linking Profit & Activity

Tapping into the innate human desire to be rewarded is an extremely effective way to engage users. And the true revolution in Omni’s app is powered by linking personal activity to company profit. Subject to applicable laws, the tokens earned on the Omni App can then be sold back to the company at a rate relative to company profit.

What this means is that as user activity rises, company profits rise, which means that advertisers become more interested in the platform, raising profits. And since company profits dictate personal reward, this raises the users’ payouts which should result in a positive feedback loop.

Recent neuroscience has revealed that our dopamine system works to keep us searching through desire. The hunt itself is rewarding, and it explains why so many of our favorite mobile apps and social networks are so addictive”.

Sheana Ahlqvis (Source)

Omni App – Proposed Feature Highlight

  • Secret Chat – Share disappearing messages with other users.
  • Stores – Businesses can create stores where users can shop using Omni.
  • Channels – Follow channels you like or simply create one for your audience.
  • Content – Create or follow channels for viral video content sharing & viewing
  • Dub & Duet – Dub your favorite song from the millions of songs & videos. Users can also perform duets with other Omni App users.

For Omni, social media is, rightly, viewed as an absolute staple of modern day business. This is embodied in Omni’s design in tokenization, which is nothing less than a revolution in social media. The diverse range of capabilities offered by the platform will help users transform how they engage with their friends, family, businesses, brands, and more. The opportunity to allow users to benefit from their participation is the icing on the cake because users can earn Omni by spending time on the things they love.

As they say, “social media should enhance your life, not detract from it.” Omni app does just that. One platform, multiple features. No intrusive message reading. Full privacy, and most of all, earn your share of the social media market you help to create.

Don’t be a product of your environment. Make your environment your product. Check out the Omni website today to learn more at

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