IOHK Is Pushing Out A New Cardano Node

Cardano continues to remain in the spotlight these days. IOHK made an exciting announcement on their social media account and you can also check out the tweet below.

The feedback was great following the announcement.

A person freaked out and asked: “Is Charles walking away after the contract expires at the end of 2020?”

Someone else said: “Of course not. Cardano is his life work. He stated multiple times that they would continue working even if they missed deadlines. Also you need to remember that IOG which is owned by Charles, has a very large vested interest due to ADA holdings.”

A commenter posted this message: “Weekend homework, @Cardano people never stop, never sleeps, always motivated. Test and deployment to happen for ADAVZ servers over the weekend.”

Cardano has been making headlines a lot lately due to various achievements and bold plans that the team has been releasing.

New updates on Cardano Shelley

Just the other day, we were reporting that Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson dropped a video in which he offers enthusiasts a new update on Cardano’s Shelley era.

As Crypto News Flash reported, “the developments for Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire run parallel to the further development of Shelley.”

Among others, Hoskinson also said that IOHK is currently working on a concept called “KES Proxy Keys”.

Here’s how he explained this: “All the things that give the pool the right to make stuff, should live in the cold side. And what the cold side will do is, it will create some transaction that will give the hot side the right to operate on behalf of the cold side.”

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