Is This The Best Time To Invest In Crypto? The Overall Crypto Sentiment Is Bullish – Market Cap Is Expected To Rise

If 2018 was a bearish year which triggered a lot of negative emotions and worries for the crypto enthusiasts, this year seems to be beginning in full force, and the fact is also mirrored in the crypto bullish sentiment.

Bullish sentiment predicts a rise in market cap

CryptoGlobe reports that the latest data coming from AltcoinAnalytics and things could not look more favorable.

Using continuous polling and big data analytics, there’s an indication of sentiment which is calculated.

Everyone can take a part in this and check out the results every day on Telegram.

CryptoGlobe reported that throughout three weeks there had been three essential questions on sentiment posed:

  • What probability do you give to the crypto market cap being higher in one month?
  • If you won 1000 USD, what percentage would you invest in crypto?
  • What probability would you assign to bitcoin being below 1000 USD in 6 months?

The average of people in the crowd that predicted a higher market cap becomes higher according to the data, and this can definitely be interpreted as an increase in the bullish sentiment.

You can check out more statistics on the AltcoinAnalytics official website.

Should you invest in crypto now?

By the look of things, 2019 could be the best time to invest in Bitcoin and crypto, if you haven’t done it by now.

More experts have said that 2018’s bearish trend that has embraced the markets was nothing more than a healthy correction that came after the highs from 2017.

Despite the fall of the market, the most important cryptos managed to hang in there, and all that happened was a selection in coins. The potent ones resisted, and the useless ones haven’t.

More than that, 2019 is expected to be the year of mainstream adoption, so investing at the beginning of the year could be the best thing to do.

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