Jack Dorsey’s Block Bitcoin Wallet Will Use Fingerprint Tech

Jack Dorsey’s Block Bitcoin Wallet Will Use Fingerprint Tech

It’s been just revealed that Jack Dorsey’s upcoming Bitcoin wallet product will be coming with fingerprint sensor devices for security, says a new update.

According to the latest reports, Dorsey’s company Block, which was formerly known as Square, first announced plans to develop a wallet last summer.

In a new update, the team behind the BTC wallet announced that the project would include both hardware and a mobile app. These will enable customers to set their own preferences in terms of convenience and security.

Hardware and mobile app for boosted security

In the new update, the project highlighted the fact that the fingerprint sensor data will never leave the hardware device.

“For transactions that require using the wallet hardware, we want our customers to be able to unlock their wallets securely, but with ease – an unlikely combination that historically has not existed in the market. We believe PINs, passwords, and seed phrases are confusing and often not secure given the workarounds normal people have to create given all the friction. This compounds when the need for those passwords are more rare…”

According to the same notes, “Every authentication technology comes with tradeoffs. We’re excited about the security against theft or misuse that [fingerprint sensor data] will provide, the peace of mind that will come from not needing to remember yet another PIN, and the ease of placing a finger on the sensor rather than manipulating tiny, failure-prone buttons on a difficult-to-read screen.”

The official notes revealed that “… of course, fingerprint sensor data will never leave the hardware device.”

The mass adoption of crypto is going great, and the most important goal that the crypto space set is on the right path. Stay tuned for more news, and make sure to keep your eyes on the market.


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