John McAfee says Bitcoin Private (BTCP) will Replace Monero

Crypto World News had the fortunate opportunity on March 23, 2018, of staying with John McAfee at his home and discussing the crypto subject. They got him to answer some really interesting questions about the whole cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin, and more.

John McAfee is a significant name in the business world. He is a British-American computer programmer and an important businessman who founded the tech company McAfee Associates back in 1987, and he ran it until 1994.

He is also a political activist and his interest intersect the crypto world, smartphone apps, and more.

BTCP will replace Monero, says McAfee

During the interview that he had with CWN, the most exciting statement made by McAfee was that Bitcoin Private (BTCP) would replace Monero sometime in the future.

As expected, his affirmation rocked the crypto world and filled it with excitement. On Reddit, there’s a thread about the subject, and people are discussing the advantages of such an accomplishment for Bitcoin Private. McAfee also said that Bitcoin Private is the most secure fork of Bitcoin and Reddit users believe that as BTCP is still at a very low price, it should not attract animosities from other altcoins. For a technical point of view, BTCP is seen as having the potential to replace BCH and even BTC someday.

John McAfee proclaims “Bitcoin Private (BTCP) will replace Monero” from r/BitcoinPrivate

Someone raised the question whether the two cryptos Monero and Bitcoin Private could succeed simultaneously. Also, the Reddit user said that “I also hope y’all realize that it’s been well established that McAfee makes Twitter posts about coins for a fee of 100k a pop.”

The answer to this controversial affirmation was that “He talked about usage on dark web only here (youtube btw, not even twitter). And yeah BTCP and Monero can perfectly go on simultaneously, but BTCP just has the better privacy tech behind it. And also …IF Mcafee was really paid here to promote BTCP why wouldn’t he mention it at all in this other recent interview here?? That’s 1 hour long btw!!: Doesn’t make sense sir.”

Anyway, paid or not for Twitter posts, McAfee and his affirmation will definitely trigger a lot of controversies in the crypto world and even more predictions from crypto enthusiasts, besides the hype and excitement that it already caused for BTCP.

On CoinMarketCap, BTCP is priced at $24.27.


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