JPMorgan Chase Denies Claims Regarding Customer Bank Account Theft

JPMorgan Chase Denies Claims Regarding Customer Bank Account Theft

It has been revealed the fact that JPMorgan Chase has denied claims about a customer’s bank account getting hacked. Check out the latest reports about this below.

JPMorgan Chase involved in scandal

A California resident named Amanda Moon had $46,000 stolen from her bank account by scammers who performed a SIM-swap attack on her phone.

However, when she filed a claim for reimbursement with JPMorgan Chase, her bank denied her claim. Moon was devastated by the loss, and the bank’s rejection only made things worse for her.

“I had to stop working. I wasn’t able to take care of my kids. It was like, it was kind of like I was mentally like, just… It was very distressing.”

Despite facing several roadblocks, Moon refused to give up and took matters into her own hands.

She contacted Wells Fargo, the bank where the criminals had transferred her money, and also reached out to her phone service provider, Comcast Xfinity.

Additionally, she sought help from the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), but unfortunately, those attempts proved unsuccessful as well.

Eventually, she decided to contact ABC 7’s investigative news team and had a lawyer friend send a letter to the bank. After taking these additional steps, things finally started to turn in her favor.

“I don’t know. I think it was like a cumulative thing or I don’t know if that made Chase change their minds. They ended up giving the money back. All of it.”

The investigative news team of ABC 7 suggests that individuals who have been victims of banking fraud should reach out to as many relevant parties as possible and persistently pursue their case until financial institutions take action that benefits their customers.

As per the FBI’s latest report, SIM-swapping scams have resulted in a theft of $68 million in 2021, which is a significant rise from the $12 million stolen during the period between 2018 and 2020.



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