It seems that JPMorgan is involved in a new financial scandal again. Check out the following reports below in order to learn what the giant is accused of this time.

JPMorgan involved in new financial scandal

JPMorgan Chase has been accused of not supporting a customer after an alleged unauthorized spending spree of $1,500 on Uber.

A woman named Alejandra posted on the r/Chase community forum on Reddit, stating that someone had stolen her debit card information and made approximately 40 transactions worth $1,500.

Despite having clear evidence that the transactions were unauthorized, Chase denied her claim.

“I have my card in my possession and my Uber account itself shows no charges. Chase is claiming that my physical card was used and PIN (which makes no sense bc you don’t have to put a PIN in to make any online transaction) so, they denied my claim…

I was so surprised they didn’t flag it until I checked my account, especially considering it’s so much on just one app/product.”

Alejandra explained that she rarely uses her debit card, which is why she didn’t notice the charges until a week after they had been processed.

In response, the Reddit community advised her to file a fraud case with the bank instead of a dispute, as it appears that someone has stolen her debit card and PIN number.

Other bank customers suggest that she files a case with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and turns on alerts to be notified of every transaction on her account.

There has been a notable increase in complaints about fraud and account closures at Chase and other large US banks this year.

In November, almost 200 former Chase customers raised complaints to the New York Times, alleging that their accounts were wrongfully terminated, causing financial turmoil and confusion.

Moreover, in May, the CEOs of Chase received a letter from attorneys general in 19 states, stating that the bank had violated its own policies on equality by closing accounts.

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