Linux’s LF Edge Collective Announced Two New Projects: Baetyl and Fledge

The Linux Foundation and IOTA foundation have teamed up to add two more projects to LF Edge, and they are called Baetyl and Fledge.

LF Edge promotes an open framework for edge computing, and with the addition of Baetyl and Fledge, it has seven projects. The other five projects were launched in January, and are called Project Eve, Home Edge, Akraino Edge Stack, EdgeX Foundry, and Open Glossary of Edge Computing.

Baetyl, The New Version of Baidu’s OpenEdge

Baetyl was initially called OpenEdge, and it was created by tech giant Baidu. It will be a stage 1 project in LF Edge, to allow developers to create light, secure, and scalable apps, while adding cloud computing, data, and services to LF Edge.

“The leading edge-computing technology and framework will further accelerate the implementation of cloud + AI in a wider range of industries with a bigger scale and lead the global AI industry into a new chapter of industrialised production,” stated Watson Yin, Vice President of Baidu and the General Manager of the Intelligent Cloud business group.

Fledge, The New Version of Dianomic’s FogLAMP

FogLAMP was its original name when the internet of things specialist Dianomic created it. The project will replace proprietary sensor silos with common APIs in one single platform. Fledge has a perfect fit with the current projects since things like manufacturing or energy already interoperate Fledge apps with projects Akraino and Project EVE.

“Being designed specifically for the industrial edge, Fledge is the ideal LF Edge framework for industrial operators, system integrators and equipment providers to embed, deploy, contribute and build a thriving industrial open source community,” explained the CEO and co-founder of Dianomic Systems, Tom Arthur.

LF Edge also has four new partners: SAIC Foundation, Thunder Software, and Zenlayer, which are now general members, and IOTA Foundation, which is an associate member. The new members will financially contribute to LF Edge, providing innovations and essential feedback, through collaboration.






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