Litecoin Foundation Begins Fundraising For Implementation Of MimbleWimble

You may recall that not too long ago, Litecoin‘s creator Charlie Lee talked about privacy.

He made sure to address the reasons for which the platform has decided to use MimbleWimble to power confidential transactions.

After that, it’s been revealed that the Litecoin Foundation director Franklyn Richards says that the plans to add confidential transactions to LTC are more about fungibility and rather than privacy.

Users can become a part of the funding

The relationship between Litecoin and MimbleWimble is waxing strongly, and users have the ability to participate fully in the funding enterprise with Charlie Lee.

David Burkett, the lead developer of the Grin Blockchain and MimbleWimble protocol, revealed the status of MW’s execution into the LTC network.

After that, Ilir Gashi, the communicating Manager of the LTC foundation, declared a fundraising scheme to aid Burkett’s work.

Gashi commented on the fundraising scheme, and he said the following as cited by the online publication Smartereum:

“The plan is for David to work 30 hours a week. This will be split into 15 hours for Grin++ and 15 hours for MimbleWimble via Extension Blocks.”

He continued and explained that “We believe that this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement because Grin++ code will eventually be forked onto Litecoin’s Extension Block. Therefore any development in Grin++ will be immediately beneficial to Litecoin.”

We recommend that head over to the original article written by Smartereum and check out more details on this exciting plan.

Litecoin Ltc Price Estimates 1

Litecoin in the crypto market

Regarding the pricing for the digital asset LTC, the crypto is trading in the green at the moment of writing this article. LTC is priced at $45.96.

The digital assets including LTC have been struggling to recover price-wive, following Bitcoin’s recent falls.

But, despite the massive volatility of the crypto market, there have been a lot of optimistic predictions regarding the price of BTC and the other cryptos.

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