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Mainnet Launch: Tron (TRX) Takes 9th, Aims For 6th, Pushes IOTA (MIOTA) To 10th

What is TRON TRX cryptocurrency

It is no surprise Tron (TRX) is maintaining the 9th position in the table because the altcoin has been eyeing a bigger position than this, even before getting a seat in the top ten. Not just yen or zeal, but efforts exerted are worthwhile despite the fact that the market remains volatile.

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In a statement to the Holders of TRX, Justin Sun aired that his aim is to be at the top six position in the table.

“Our next goal is to become one of the top six currencies in the world of cryptocurrencies in the world,” Sun stated.

And now Tron is on the 9th position, after kicking IOTA to the 10th.

The Decentralized digital content entertainment platform as for long been on series of developmental trip with no sign of retirement.

Albeit Tron is yet to light the world like some other coins that maintain the first five position in the table. The journey of a thousand mile, I say begins with a step.

Tron has made significant impacts in the crypto space enough to be mentioned as a striding Cheetah.

Just today, Justin sun, in a tweet mentioned that Tron is on a bullish run and it has made a step forward in the table, moving up to the 9th position. Checking for the authenticity on Coinmarketcap, it was proven to be true.

As of the press time, Tron, according to Coinmarketcap is a greener in the table i.e. a gainer. In the last 24hrs, Tron went up by 10.36%. At present, it is valued at 0.08 against Dollar with a total market cap of over 65 billion TRX and a 24hrs volume of $809,222,000.

Tron Impending Mainnet

With 9 days and 7 hours left for the release of Tron mainnet which will see the altcoin migrate from Ethereum ERC20 network to Tron mainnet ecosystem, many a number of analysts and observers have opined that the journey ahead of Tron has been well planned and all things are in place for the altcoin to triumph in the run.

Since the announcement of the mainnet, Justin Sun has promised that when Tron releases its mainnet and extinct from Ethereum network, the altcoin will be a big rival for the ranked number 2 altcoin, Ethereum, adding that Tron will be better than Ethereum after the development.

Tron also bragged that it has about 100 million DApp users on Ethereum network and it will be moving them during the migration. With this, many have said Tron could be the greatest altcoin if it moves the DApp users.

Justin Sun, Tron Mastermind

Tron may be a very active, strong and magnificent altcoin in the market, but it success credit lies on no other than Justin Sun, the creator of Tron.

No wonder Tron is fond of different gigantic developments and growth in the crypto space, Sun remains a big icon in China coupled with the fact that he is also the founder of PEIWO, the largest live streaming app in China.

Justin sun, in a bid to display his zeal for a multiplying growth for the altcoin in the market, the founder said in a statement:

“The path is set for a top six of TRX in the near future, such a feat would be accomplished in a manner similar to what happened on January 5. But this time TRX will permanently hold its position at the top”.

Justin Sun is ready to paddle Tron to a greater height, he has the belief, he is not relenting and he has more fishes to fry in the altcoin’s developmental journey for success, exactly why he said Tron will be better than Ethereum.

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