Max Keiser Calls Bitcoin The Key To Battle White Supremacy In The U.S.

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity this year despite the very volatile market.

Since the bulls came back to the crypto market back in April and BTC was able to surpass $10k and even more, a lot of new crypto enthusiasts have emerged and investors rushed into the crypto space.

At the moment, BTC fell below $10k, but this doesn’t mean that the crypto space is not still flooded by all kinds of positive predictions regarding the price of the most important coin in the market.

BTC can reportedly battle white supremacy

Max Keiser who is the co-host of the Keiser Report – financial program broadcast on the RT media network – said that he believes BTC can battle white supremacy and also the subjugation of black people in the US.

Keiser responded to a report by NPR about mass incarceration and the radical make-up in the US prisons, Keiser told his Twitter followers this:

“Bitcoin represents the single greatest opportunity ever for Blacks in America to emancipate themselves from the entrenched, White Supremacists who have always run the country.”

The feedback that Keiser received was not all positive as you can see in a few comments.

Someone said: “I don’t think it is helpful to lie about white supremacists being in charge. If that was true, immigration laws would be very different today. Bitcoin is for freeing all people!”

A user responded: “Don’t be naive. White supremacy has controlled America inside out ever since its founding. There are NO lies about this statement.”

Another opinion sounds like this: “I point this out because it doesn’t do black people any good to think their problems are caused by white supremacists if the premises are wrong. I’m all for helping black people.#bitcoin might help. Pair bonded two-parent families would help! A witch hunt won’t help.”

One other Twitter follower is not here for this either and said: “Why the hell do we always have to bring up race? Crypto represents the single greatest opportunity for all of humanity, especially those that have been left behind. Unfortunately, the people that need it the most will be the last ones to buy and the wealth with remain with the 1%.”

Head over to Keiser’s post to see more opinions on this issue.



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