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McAfee and a Ripple Hard Fork Promotion?

John McAfee might have been running from the IRS in the past years, but one thing is true – he would promote many things to make some good money off it. He would shill for anything if the money is good, and if it is in crypto, it is much better. All he waits for is an offer, and he just got one on Monday, September 23.

In a recent tweet, he stated it and even got an offer from notable Crypto Enthusiast and XRP investor Crypto_Bitlord. Here is their thread and what this could mean if McAfee says yes:

McAfee’s tweet drew the attention of Crypto_Bitlord who offered to pay him coins because he has “some work coming up”:

Crypto_Bitlord’s followers believe that he wants to pay McAfee to promote a Ripple hard fork that the former was already planning for a while. The XRP investor has indeed promised to hardfork Ripple, and now he is looking forward to getting McAfee on the team? Could this be serious, and if yes, what will be consequences be?

Does Crypto_Bitlord Really Want To Get The ‘McAfee Effect’?

McAfee has shilled ICOs on Twitter, creating the ‘McAfee Effect’ – coins did rise in price after he promised the rise, but then in 2018, SEC interfered, and it all ended.

SkyCoin ended their recent collaboration with McAfee after the US presidential candidate kept writing rather bold tweets, including too many swear words.

McAfee’s other failed promotion was that of the Chinese project dubbed Zombie Coin. He posted a link to a confidential draft white paper he had to write for the company, and then they sued him for revealing sensitive information. No details surfaced about the suit, and more recently, he has moved to a new project.

McAfee is now the advisor of a new Burency crypto exchange.

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