It looks like there are all kinds of exciting moves being made in the crypto space these days. Check out the latest reports about the latest events.

MetaMask makes important moves

MetaMask, the popular crypto wallet, has launched a new feature called “Snaps.” This feature aims to make the MetaMask ecosystem more open and accessible to developers.

MetaMask announced the open beta for Snaps on the social media platform X. The vision behind Snaps is to create a permissionless ecosystem where developers can build their own solutions to the toughest problems in Web3 without needing MetaMask’s approval.

The goal is to allow anyone to install and use these features, customizing and enhancing their web3 experience. Dan Finlay was the one who came up with the idea for Snaps, which has now become a reality.wallet to networks other than Ethereum or EVM compatible chains.

“So, what is MetaMask Snaps? MetaMask Snaps allows you to add features and functionality from independent developers to your MetaMask.

Your favorite wallet is now modular!”

The MetaMask Snaps Marketplace allows the addition of new features to the wallet, including support for new blockchains, asset types, and user interfaces.

Snaps are installed and managed through this marketplace. Developers can submit their Snaps for review and publishing, making them available to any MetaMask user.

The MetaMask team is seeking feedback on their beta version, which will help shape the future of the platform. Try MetaMask Snaps Open Beta and share your thoughts for others users to see.

MetaMask in the news

It has been just revealed the fact that MetaMask is unveiling a new feature that lets users cash out via two ways. They can get their money out via bank accounts or PayPal.

A popular crypto wallet app with more than 22.66 million downloads has launched a new feature that enables users to withdraw their funds. Check out our previous article in order to learn more details.

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