MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor Buys More Bitcoin On Square Cash App

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor continues to be bullish on Bitcoin regardless of the massive FUD. He has been pumping BTC like there’s no tomorrow these days.

Check out one of his most recent tweets.

Someone commented: “Instead to buy bitcoin which is good at this price how we can stop this manipulation. If they are doing this now why will not doing again at 60 k or 100k. Who are those Whale. How we can expose them ?”

One other follower said: “Only 1% of cryptocurrency exchange users actively engage in trading, while the other 99% have cryptos sitting dormant in their accounts. Buy #Bitcoin as a store of value!” and someone else said: “You’re such a great person Micheal. Truly. Conviction in Action lends magic to life.”

MicroStrategy has the highest correlation with Bitcoin

Not too long ago, we were revealing that MicroStrategy has the highest correlation with Bitcoin. Michael Saylor’s company is supporting and accumulating Bitcoin for quite a while now.

Saylor became a BTC maximalist and just the other day, he was sending people an important message.

Check out Michael Saylor’s tweet.

Here’s a graph involving MicroStrategy:

CoinGecko indicates Bitcoin has tumbled, likely due to Musk’s announcement last week that Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin for purchases, citing concerns over BTC’s energy use.

Musk continued to fuel uncertainty in the markets this week with contradictory remarks on Twitter regarding whether or not the company plans to sell its BTC holdings.

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