It has been revealed that Bitcoin miners unload $175 million in Bitcoin. Where can the price of BTC go? Find out the latest predictions about the price of the most important coin out there below.

Bitcoin price prediction

A cryptocurrency analyst, whose opinions are highly regarded, is warning that Bitcoin (BTC) has shown signs that a sell-off may be on the horizon.

Crypto strategist Ali Martinez has raised concerns that Bitcoin’s Tom Demark (TD) Sequential indicator is indicating a possible corrective move.

The TD Sequential indicator is used to track a sequence of price points that indicate potential trend reversals.

Martinez said the following:

“Bitcoin: the TD Sequential is flashing sell signals on BTC weekly and three-day charts! Remember, the last time TD showed buy signals in both timeframes was in early September, kickstarting the recent bull run.”

According to Martinez, Bitcoin miners have been taking advantage of the recent rally to sell off thousands of BTC.

Since Bitcoin surpassed $34,000 in late October, miners have sold over 5,000 BTC, which is equivalent to approximately $175 million.

As of now, the price of Bitcoin is at $37,026. On the other hand, Ethereum (ETH) has experienced a recent rally despite the lack of inflows from deep-pocketed investors, as highlighted by Martinez.

“Ethereum has reclaimed the $2,000 threshold, and intriguingly, this is all happening before whales have even started buying.”

A trader, who has a significant number of followers due to his accurate Bitcoin (BTC) predictions, is of the opinion that the cryptocurrency could soon reach $60,000.

DonAlt, a pseudonymous analyst, recently informed his 507,100 followers on X, a social media platform, that BTC may witness rapid and explosive rallies in the upcoming weeks.

He believes that BTC’s chart indicates that it is ready to go “supersonic.”

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