Monero And Ethereum News: Nonce Distribution Patterns Are Displayed By XMR And ETH

A recent analysis said that there are some pretty interesting patterns that are showing on the nonce distribution of Monero and Ethereum, according to the latest reports coming from CryptoDaily.

CoinMetrics latest report reveals an update

CoinMetrics’ latest report states that “on applying the nonce analysis to Monero when the network’s difficulty and the upcoming hard forks were overlaid, it was made clear that all three PoW updates led to a decline in difficulty.”

It’s been also reported that more than that, two of the upgrades have prevented the pre-existing nonce patterns but there’s another significant factor which his the introduction of the same nonce patterns that were associated with a massive rise in the difficulty of the network.

“Simply by observing these nonce distribution patterns against difficulty and PoW-adjusted forks, we can potentially see the effectiveness of the first fork in stopping the first generation of dedicated hardware,” the study says.

The notes continue and explain that “Additionally, we can see the rapidity at which some miners came back with a second generation of hardware after the second fork, which was again thwarted with a third fork.”

The online publication mentioned above notes that the Ethereum nonce space is different from Monero and we recommend that you head over to the original article in order to learn more.

Monero in the crypto market

Monero was in the spotlight not too long ago when a renowned anarcho-capitalist talked about it.

Regarding XMR’s price, after the bulls came back to the crypto market last week, XMR was boosted as well as you probably know by now.

At the moment of writing this article, the privacy-oriented coin sits on the 13th position on CMC, and it’s trading in the green.

XMR is priced above $61.

It seems that the coin found support above $60.




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